INSP Celebrates Television’s Most Iconic Moms in Special Marathon – Monday, 9/1

Family entertainment network, INSP, celebrates television’S MOST ICONIC MOMS in a special marathon

“The Original Housewives of INSP” marathon AIRS on monday, september 1st from 11Am – 9pm

Shows will include: Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days,
The Brady Bunch, The Waltons
and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman



We grew up watching them on a weekly basis, now it’s time to fall in love with them all over again. From Ma Ingalls to Carol Brady, there’s no denying that some of our favorite TV shows would be nothing without their iconic mothers. INSP will be celebrating some of the most famous housewives in television history on Monday, September 1 as part of The Original Housewives of INSP marathon.


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The following episodes will air as part of “The Original Housewives of INSP” Marathon:

Monday, September 1, 2014



Little House on the Prairie

School Mom

When Caroline’s substitute teaches for Miss Beadle, she tries to help a shy, older boy to read. Her efforts are in danger of being ruined when a mean-spirited Mrs. Oleson humiliates the boy in front of the class and he vows never to return to school.


Little House on the Prairie

A Most Precious Gift

Despite the happiness of her family over the impending birth, Caroline’s excitement turns to worry when she senses that Charles wants a boy. When birth time suddenly arrives, Ma and Pa Ingalls are left alone without a doctor.


Happy Days

Marion Rebels

When Marion becomes frustrated by her life as a housewife, she lands a job working as a waitress at Arnold’s. As problems mount, Fonzie calls a meeting and insists something is done about it.


Happy Days

The Dance Contest

Marion decides to seek advice from Fonzie after the family laughs at her suggestion that she and Howard enter the Harvest Moon Dance Contest on the local TV station.


Brady Brunch

The Grass is Always Greener

Mike and Carol switch roles for a day to settle whose jobs are hardest. Mike helps the girls with their cooking project and Carol bones up on baseball with the boys.


Brady Brunch

The Fender Benders

Carol gets into a parking lot fender bender with a Mr. Duggan and is accused of being at fault. Mr. Duggan takes Carol to court and arrives in a neck brace and acting seriously hurt.


The Waltons

The Bicycle

Olivia gets a bike, and John-Boy puts into poetic words the heartfelt thoughts of the local blacksmith when the stoic mountaineer decides to win a bride through the mail.


The Waltons

The Cradle

Olivia Walton surprises her family when she announces that she intends to earn extra money as a door-to-door sales lady and then has to give it up when she discovers she’s pregnant.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Mothers and Daughters

As Dr. Mike becomes increasingly absorbed in her romantic life with Sully, Colleen, feeling rebellious, joins her school friends in dangerous escapades. When Brian also begins to feel ignored, Mike and Sully realize how important it is to balance their new life together between each other and the kids.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Runaway Train

Dr. Mike is ready to return to work, but suddenly must lead a rescue party when Sully and Cloud Dancing are victims of a train wreck caused by robbers. Meanwhile, the townspeople are reluctant to see Dr. Cook return to Boston and have Dr. Mike return to her practice.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Having It All

Dr. Mike feels overwhelmed and considers turning her medical practice over to Dr. Cook for good. Meanwhile, Dorothy helps Sully to court Dr. Mike again.


The Waltons

The Honeymoon

A weary Olivia embarks on a one-woman “sit-down” strike, prompting her husband to take her on a belated honeymoon — after 19 years of marriage.

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