Angel Studios Presents Upcoming Theatrical Slate at CinemaCon

Angel Studios Presents Upcoming Theatrical Slate at CinemaCon 

(PROVO, Utah — April 10, 2024) Angel Studios, the company empowering filmmakers to bring their visions to life through the Angel Guild, presented its upcoming slate at the CinemaCon Wednesday morning session and celebrated its first year of theatrical distribution with a thank you to all exhibition partners that made it possible. In Angel Studios’ inaugural year as a theatrical distributor, the studio topped $300M in global box office revenue and achieved the #8 position for top-grossing domestic distributors* in 2023.  

 “We are eternally grateful to our theatrical partners who helped champion our studio and enabled us to bring films that amplify light into movie theaters,” shares Brandon Purdie, Executive Vice President and Head of Theatrical Distribution. “There is no better place than CinemaCon to celebrate and give credit to our exhibition partners.” 

 During the CinemaCon presentation, the studio unveiled the release dates for several highly anticipated upcoming projects. Jared Geesey, Chief Distribution Officer at Angel Studios, added, “We are excited about Angel’s upcoming slate of films for 2024 and 2025, and look forward to pushing audiences to fully immerse themselves in powerful stories at movie theaters.” 

 SIGHT – In theaters May 24, 2024

The riveting true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a Chinese immigrant-turned-renowned eye surgeon who harnesses the pain of his past to try to restore the sight of a blind orphan.

POSSUM TROT – In theaters July 4, 2024

Inspired by a true story, POSSUM TROT follows Donna and Reverend Martin as they ignite a movement of compassion. After 22 families from their East Texas church adopt 77 children, the Martins lead the charge to prove that faith, community, and perseverance have the power to change the lives of children everywhere.

BONHOEFFER – In theaters November 22, 2024

When a pacifist is called to a political act that could change the course of history, how will a man of honor respond? This is the true story of Deitrich Bonhoeffer, a man who preached love while plotting the assassination of an evil tyrant. With world-shattering stakes, Bonhoeffer begs the question, how far will you go to stand up for what’s right?

HOMESTEAD – In theaters December 20, 2024

When the world erupts in post-apocalyptic chaos, a community must unite to survive or turn against each other and fall.

DAVID – In theaters November 21, 2025.

Based on the biblical story, DAVID is a joyful animated musical about the life of the ancient prophet, poet, and king. After one young shepherd boy is chosen to battle a giant, this chosen one goes on to inspire an entire nation of believers. Coming to the big screen, this underdog story full of adventure and hope is for every giant slayer out there.


About Angel Studios:  Angel Studios is the home of stories that amplify light. Through the Angel Guild, 260,000 members choose which film and television projects the studio will market and distribute. The studio enables creators and audiences to form passionate communities around creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project. 104,000 Angel Guild members in 155 countries have invested nearly $80M in projects distributed by the studio to date. Angel Studios is behind the global box office hit, SOUND OF FREEDOM, which has earned $250 million in theatrical box office. Learn more at

*The Numbers – article link HERE.

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