“Men In Black 3” Trailer Debuts

In 1997, Barry Sonnefield’s Men In Black was an unexpected smash hit. It then spawned a sequel five years later that strayed from the formula that worked so well for the first film to adopt a more goofy and cartoony approach. Sonnenfield’s love for close-ups with an almost fish-eye lens effect only increased with the first sequel and now, ten years after MIBII, it looks like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are ready for their close-ups once again.

Men In Black III will drop this coming summer in 3D and on IMAX and if the new trailer is any indication as to the kind of film we’re to expect, it’s not really looking to be any better than the first misstep of a sequel. (Really? A graffiti art alien??) Apparently they didn’t learn that the neutering of Tommy Lee’s Kay in the second film didn’t work since they’ve worked in a cheesy time travel plot to allow Josh Brolin to practice his best TLJ’s impression.

Check out the trailer below and see what you think…

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