You can now invest in VidAngel’s next Original Series, Tuttle Twins

First Dry Bar Comedy.
Then The Chosen.
Now Tuttle Twins.

You can now invest in VidAngel’s next Original Series, Tuttle Twins.

Dear VidAngel Fan,

We are distributing a new original series, Tuttle Twins. The pilot is excellent and you can watch an exclusive, early cut here.

My family has been reading the Tuttle Twins series for years. They have sold over ONE MILLION COPIES teaching kids to stand up for freedom. My kids LOVE them.

A year ago I approached the author, Connor Boyack, about creating a new VidAngel original series. He loved the idea. Then I connected Connor with the brilliant creative team behind the world famous ads for Squatty Potty, Purple, Poo~Pourri, Lumē Deodorant, Chatbooks and more (basically most of the biggest ads on the Internet). The Tuttle Twins show team was formed, we scraped together some investors (including myself) to create a new company and a pilot episode, and the rest is history.

Now Tuttle Twins just opened a crowdfunding offering and has already raised over $200,000 dollars. You can join the Tuttle Twins team by backing the project below.

The Tuttle Twins has a short pilot that is getting RAVE REVIEWS from both kids and adults. Even Utah Senator Mike Lee loved it! Just like with THE CHOSEN, this pilot was created to help the world catch the vision of the show so you can be part of the funding. My kids (ages 5, 7, and 8 have watched the pilot a half a dozen times and they are asking for more). Check it out below.

Warmest regards,

Jeffrey Harmon
Co-founder and Chief Content Officer

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