Corbin Bernsen’s SUNRISE IN HEAVEN Debuts Trailer





Featuring Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace, Jenn Gotzon Chandler,

and Eric Bethea Debuts April 9 on DVD, Digital & On Demand

LOS ANGELES—Feb. 6, 2019—The official trailer premieres today for SUNRISE IN HEAVEN, based on Jan Hurst’s inspiring true story of a family meeting life’s toughest challenge and finding their way through love, faith and resilience.

From Nasser Group Inc. and Cinedigm, SUNRISE IN HEAVEN launches April 9 on DVD, Digital and On Demand.

“Our new trailer gives an exciting glimpse into this inspiring, uplifting film,” says Producer Jack Nasser. “A compelling story, outstanding performances and a message on the power of faith and perseverance.”


SUNRISE IN HEAVEN features Corbin Bernsen (MAJOR LEAGUE, MY DADDY IS IN HEAVEN), Caylee Cowan, Travis Burns (Neighbors), Jenn Gotzon Chandler (GOD’S COUNTRY, GOD’S NOT DEAD 2), Dee Wallace (E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL) and Erin Bethea (FIREPROOF, THIS IS OUR TIME).

After a devastating car crash leaves her husband on life support, one woman must find strength in her faith as she faces the prospect of his passing. Recalling their courtship through flashbacks, she relives the early days of their relationship and how they fell in love. Their journey wasn’t easy as she faced resistance from her obstinate father (Corbin Bernsen), who made it clear he didn’t want his daughter dating anyone from the military. But their love was stronger than any obstacle encountered in this true story of family, faith and resilience.

SUNRISE IN HEAVEN was written by Dan Benamor. The film is produced by Dureyshevar, Nat Mundel, Jack Nasser, Jacob Nasser & Joseph Nasser.

SUNRISE IN HEAVEN is based on Hurst’s novel His Sunrise My Sunset, inspired by her true story. Through the book she shares a message of love and the strength that faith can provide.  SUNRISE IN HEAVEN will be available through Walmart, Amazon, Lifeway, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU and On Demand via local cable providers.


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