Share Your Stories About God’s Power With New Film UNBROKEN

Share Your Stories About God’s Power With New Film UNBROKEN




UNBROKEN, in theaters Christmas Day, is the most inspirational and faith-revitalizing film you’ll see all year. And now Universal Pictures and director Angelina Jolie are giving you and your audience the chance to be part of this epic event by sharing stories of perseverance, triumph and the power of God to deliver us from our trails.

The studio has launched the #IAmUnbroken campaign in conjunction with the film that chronicles the journey of Louis Zamperini – as told in the New York Times best-selling book of the same name — through the various stages of torture, turmoil and oppression during World War II. Moviegoers will see how he allows God to work in his life and in the lives of his enemies, an 80-plus year sojourn that pulls on the heart and faith strings.

#IAmUnbroken celebrates Zamperini’s unbroken spirit by inviting people from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories. Participants are encouraged to use hashtag #IAmUnbroken when submitting and sharing their story on their own social channels—in order to generate awareness and enter for a chance to have a professional team create a video segment of their story, which will be featured on Everyday heroes may also become a part of the #IAmUnbroken social movement and submit their story via the official Facebook page, Twitter handle, Google +, Instagram page and/or Pinterest page.

You can help your audience get involved by sharing the video below that explains the campaign and spotlights the incredible story that is UNBROKEN.

We also have a complete news release we’re happy to send you if you’d like even more information about the campaign. Let’s work together to activate people of faith to share their stories so we can tell the world about the goodness of our God.

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