Relive All 52 Episodes Of The Classic Series DENVER THE LAST DINOSAUR Complete Series Arriving On DVD September 19 From Cinedigm



Complete Series


Featuring All 52 Episodes of the Classic 80s Animated Series,

The Entire Collection Arrives On DVD September 19


Relive the magic of everyone’s favorite skateboarding Corythosaurus when “Denver The Last Dinosaur” Complete Series arrives on DVD for the first time as a full collection on September 19 from Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) and produced by VCI Entertainment. Filled with adventure, warmth and camaraderie, “Denver The Last Dinosaur” originally aired from 1988 to 1990 and received a recommendation from the National Educational Association for its engaging, non-violent storylines.


When a pleasant and unusually intelligent dinosaur unexpectedly hatches from a fossilized egg in present day California, a group of teenagers adopt him as their new best friend.  Join in on the excitement as they protect him from the prying eyes of other humans and teach him their favorite pastimes, including skateboarding!


Fun for the whole family, the “Denver the Last Dinosaur” Complete Series DVD is packed with bonus features, including interviews with Creative Director Jeremy Corray, image galleries and seven additional episodes of various classic cartoons, including “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs,” making it the perfect set for fans, collectors and 80s cartoon enthusiasts.


“Denver the Last Dinosaur” revolves around the adventures of the last dinosaur, Denver, a Corythosaurus who has been released from his egg by a group of multicultural modern California teens: Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally and Casey, along with tag-along older sister, Heather. The kids teach Denver the finer points of skateboarding and other pastimes while protecting him from concert promoter Morton Fizzback who wants to use the dinosaur to make money.



Price: $59.99

Street Date:September 16, 2014

Pre-Book:  August 5, 2014

Catalog Number:  8818

UPC #: 089859881824

Language:  English

Running time:1,300 minutes

Rating: NR

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