HOLY GHOST Becomes Kickstarter’s Most Funded Christian Film


HOLY GHOST Becomes Most Funded Christian Film

Project in Kickstarter History.


Through incredible fan support, Darren Wilson’s new campaign

raises $357,655 from 2,356 backers, making it the #11

Overall Funded Film to Date

SOURCE: Biscuit PR

Chicago, IL – In an unprecedented Kickstarter campaign, Wanderlust Productions and filmmaker Darren Wilson were able not only to secure all of the funds needed to create their next film, HOLY GHOST, but they were successful in fully funding a tour experience and additional marketing opportunities.

Filming is set to begin in July.

Over the 45-day campaign, 2,356 backers signed on to Kickstarter to donate funds, raising $357,655, or 178% of their goal.  This locks the film in current Kickstarter history, making HOLY GHOST Experience the #1 funded Christian Film, and the #11 funded film to date on the crowdsourcing site. “I am utterly blown away by the success of this campaign and the overwhelming support from our fans around the world,” exclaims Wilson.

This is all on the heels of the film’s predecessor FATHER OF LIGHTS being available in stores for the first time, beginning August 27, through Capital Christian Distribution.

HOLY GHOST is a film that will capture the power, mystery and character of the Holy Spirit through amazing God encounters in all corners around the world.  Easily Wilson’s most challenging adventure to date, HOLY GHOST hopes to illustrate one man’s journey to gain a better understanding of both the power and mystery of this part of God.

Unique to this campaign, the filmmakers offered a shared experience, the chance for supporters to take a look into the behind the scenes making of the film, encouraging supporters to help determine the questions asked, what is filmed and the literal piecing together of the stories told.

Like the earlier Wanderlust Production films, a wide cast of voices and opinions will be explored in HOLY GHOST, including confirmed interviews with Bill Johnson, Todd White, Randy Clark, Michael W Smith, RT Kendall, William P Young, Kris Vallotton, Will Hart, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins, Jake Hamilton, Jeremy Riddle, Banning Leibscher & Jesus Culture, Shawn Bolz, Lee Grady, DeVon Franklin, Kobus Van Rensburg, Heidi Baker and more.

Now with the additional raised funds, a tour experience has been secured.  In select cities around the globe, supporters can view the film in an event setting.  These funds can also help secure new technologies and streaming options to allow more people to experience this story exposing and lauding this often-misunderstood part of the Trinity.

“Obviously, our films have struck a chord with audiences who are tired of lifeless, judgmental Christianity, and instead want a God who seeks relationship, love, and friendship with His people,” continues Wilson.  “My goal with this film is to further stir the Faith of millions, as well as poke at some places that maybe need some poking.  This subject (the Holy Spirit) is highly contested and debated among Christians, and this film will by no means try to be the end-all-be-all of that discussion.  I just hope it stirs things up enough to get people aware not only of what they believe, but also why they believe it.”

To see the completed HOLY GHOST Kickstarter campaign, please see:

For more information on Darren Wilson and Wanderlust, please see: http://www.wpfilm.com/

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