Angel Studios Announces Partnership with King Bach

Angel Studios Announces Partnership with King Bach
Studio to Join with Actor, Comedian, and Influencer to Bring Film Project to Life.
(PROVO, Utah — June 13, 2024) Angel Studios, the platform empowering filmmakers with full creative control to crowdfund and create, is announcing a partnership with actor, comedian, and influencer Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach, on an upcoming unnamed film project.
“From the moment we met Bach, we knew we wanted to work with him,” shares Jordan Harmon, President of Angel Studios. “We are excited to bring one of his future stories to life.”
“I am looking forward to collaborating with Angel on one of my future projects,” shares King Bach. “To be able to hear feedback directly from the Guild and to be in community with like-minded filmmakers and content producers is a gift.”
Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach, has quickly become one of the most influential names in media, as an actor, producer, and comedian. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles to study at the New York Film Academy in LA, King Bach became one of the most followed people on Vine, with 15 million subscribers and over 5 billion total views. Named one of the top influencers by both Forbes and Time, Bachelor boasts over 25M Instagram followers. He also founded the RuJohn Foundation, which helps improve education in inner city and rural schools throughout the US and Jamaica, organizes youth-focused financial literacy workshops, sports camps, and acting workshops.
As with all Angel Studios projects, the film will be required to pass the Angel Guild. The Guild is made up of 324,000 members who seek to shape the future of entertainment. This film project will need to receive a minimum rating to be greenlit to become either a streaming or theatrical release.
About Angel Studios: Angel Studios is the home of stories that amplify light. Through the Angel Guild, 324,000 members choose which film and television projects the studio will market and distribute. The studio enables creators and audiences to form passionate communities around creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project. 104,000 Angel Guild members in 155 countries have invested nearly $80M in projects distributed by the studio to date. Angel Studios is behind the global box office hit, SOUND OF FREEDOM, which has earned $250 million in theatrical box office. Learn more

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