Tomorrow, World Refugee Day – New Docuseries Highlighting Asylum Seekers and Churches Giving Hope and Community



ACROSS Shares Stories of Asylum Seekers Fleeing Imminent Danger and Finding Hope and Healing Through the Love of Faithful Individuals and Churches


Houston, Tex. — Tomorrow, on World Refugee Day, award-winning docuseries ACROSS will stream its first episode on the website. ACROSS shares a message of what happens when we set aside politics and witness the humanity and faith of asylum seekers firsthand.


View the trailer here.


Filmed in Honduras, Texas, and Illinois, ACROSS weaves the journey of everyday American Christians with families from the Northern Triangle of Central America hoping to rebuild their lives safely in the US. 

The series highlights the stories of three women and their children who escaped horrific abuse and violence, only to meet incredible hardships once arriving in the US. After hearing their stories, witnessing their unwavering faith, and realizing their struggles, a group of committed Christians stopped seeing migrants as news stories and committed to help. 


Without a political agenda, ACROSS shares the work of faith communities in Texas and Illinois, compelled by their calling as Christians, to help. Instead of feeling paralyzed by this issue, these churches put feet to their faith and come alongside migrant families as they seek legal asylum in the US. As they journey together, the churches are transformed as these individuals become a part of their church, their communities, and their families.


Producer Julie Mirlicourtois spent 20 years in media working with CBS News and The Oprah Winfrey Show among others. She led a team of producers, cinematographers, composers, and editors with decades of experience working with Oprah, Pixar, Marvel, CBS News, NBC News, PBS, and Discovery to bring the series to life. 


A recent Texas-transplant, Julie was compelled to create the project after encountering the work of a coalition of churches helmed by Pastor John Garland from the San Antonio Mennonite Church, featured in the film. John and other Christians have worked tirelessly to reunite parents and children, save vulnerable migrants from predators and human traffickers, and secure safe homes and legal help for asylum seekers.


“Navigating the system is incredibly challenging for anyone,” shares John. “It’s virtually impossible to plead your case without legal representation, yet most of the families seeking asylum have very few resources. There’s also a constant fear of rejection and of deportation.”


In addition, ACROSS features leading experts in gang violence, intimate partner violence, and asylum law, offering a unique look at the lives of asylum seekers and their challenges once they legally enter the United States.


Julie shares, “Every day we see images of desperate people fleeing life-threatening poverty, violence, and corruption, attempting a dangerous months-long journey to the US, seeking basic human rights. We created ACROSS so people can witness the humanity of these families crossing our southern border, the overwhelming majority of whom are Christians, in a way that deepens our understanding of the situation and acknowledges their stories of faith that are often missed.” 

“Americans have a choice to reject refugees outright, ignore them, or support them,” John continues. “The first two options always lead to suffering, putting them back in the hands of predators and abusers, and pushing them into deeper generational suffering. When we choose to support them, there is a phenomenal opportunity for growth in our hearts and in our communities.”


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