‘Foolishness’ DVD Debuts March 5; Awesome Skating, Biblical Wisdom From Born Again Skateboard Legends


“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18 (NIV)

SOURCE: Lovell/Fairchild Comm.

DALLAS – Jan. 29, 2013 – From director, skateboarding legend and born again believer Brian Sumner comes FOOLISHNESS, a thrilling film featuring world-class skaters performing eye-popping skateboard acrobatics woven throughout with the power of God’s word and changed lives. A film to help young people be as fearless in their faith as they are at the skate park, FOOLISHNESS debuts on DVD March 5.


  • “Brian Sumner’s skate-studded DVD, FOOLISHNESS, is the fullest 60-minute Gospel word I’ve heard.”–John Piper, author and preacher
  • FOOLISHNESS is a movie about real faith presented in a very cool way.”–Brian “Head” Welch, former guitarist and co-founder of KORN
  • “I watched this video and was stirred by the stories of the transforming power of Christ. It deserves to be widely distributed and viewed.”–Alistair Begg, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


As teenagers, skateboarding legends Brian Sumner and Christian Hosoi helped shape a culture. They reached amazing heights and broke countless records in pursuit of innovation and greatness. They were stars. They were heroes. As they will tell you themselves, they were fools — until they decided to lay their sins at the foot of the cross and never look back.

They traded in the destructive habits of boys to serve Christ as men, using their God-given talents to minister to America’s youth in a way very few can. Armed with hardcore biblical teachings, stirring testimony and authentic, street-level insight, Brian Sumner and Christian Hosoi speak in a language that can’t be faked — and work tirelessly to share a message that can’t be ignored. Foolishness, from SkateBible, is a daily devotional. It’s a witness tool. It’s an exciting, artfully made skate video featuring some of the biggest names in professional skateboarding — men now living as dedicated servants of the Lord.


A skateboarding prodigy from Liverpool, England, Brian moved to the U.S. and turned pro while still a teenager. A star in the fast-moving world of skating, Brian saw his marriage collapse, dealt with anger issues and ended up on probation. To fulfill a court-ordered community service obligation, he worked in a Christian thrift store. It was there he began to explore religion with the same intensity he brought to all aspects of life. Meeting other skaters who had embraced Christianity led Brian to The Sanctuary, a church with a skateboarding pastor, Jay Haizlip. After coming to faith, Brian remarried his wife (adding two more children to the one they had) and now uses his talent as a springboard for international ministry.

FOOLISHNESS takes viewers on a skateboarding thrill ride offering a vibrant new way to connect with God’s word as some of the world’s best skaters display their skills and declare eternal truths from the Bible. Produced by SkateBible and distributed by EchoLight Studios, FOOLISHNESS will be available in retail stores and online March 5.

To learn more, visit: EchoLight.com/foolishness


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