Christmas Film ‘The Perfect Gift’ Debuts Nov. 6

Funny, Uplifting Family Film Offers a God’s-Eye View
on the ‘Christmas vs. Holiday’ Debate

SOURCE: Lovell/Fairchild

DALLAS – Oct. 17, 2012 – From actor and filmmaker Jefferson Moore—and featuring exciting young actress Christina Fougnie—comes an early Christmas delivery for the whole family—THE PERFECT GIFT, available on DVD Nov. 6.

What if your birthday fell on Christmas and you decided that this year would be a celebration about you alone? Welcome to THE PERFECT GIFT, where one young girl learns the real meaning of Christmas from a mysterious wanderer who seems to know a lot about it.

“In addition to being a funny, uplifting film, THE PERFECT GIFT is timely and timeless,” said Moore, who wrote, directed and stars in the movie. “It lands in the middle of the ‘holiday’ versus ‘Christmas’ debate, and then it clearly communicates the eternal message of hope that Christmas is truly all about.”

THE PERFECT GIFT poses a challenging question: What if the world threw you a birthday party . . . but you weren’t invited? Stacy is an overworked single mom whose spoiled daughter, Maxine, hates having a birthday that falls on Dec. 25. Tired of sharing her special day with the rest of the world, Max refuses to acknowledge the true significance of the holiday. But all that changes when she’s forced to spend afternoons at the local church. It’s there she meets Jess, a mysterious drifter who’s helping construct a nativity scene. Jess knows everything there is to know about the true meaning of Christmas, and if Max pays attention, she might learn an important lesson about faith, tradition and the real reason for the season.

Jefferson Moore is well-known as an actor, writer and director for The Perfect Stranger TV film series and films such as CLANCY, also starring Fougnie, and 1 MESSAGE.

Kelly’s Filmworks produced THE PERFECT GIFT with distribution by EchoLight Studios. DVDs can be pre-ordered now with deliveries and immediate sales starting Nov. 6.

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