THE PRICE IS RIGHT says, “Come on down!” to Austin filmmaker Will Bakke

THE PRICE IS RIGHT says, “Come on down!”

 to Austin filmmaker Will Bakke

SOURCE: Lovell/Fairchild Comm.

Bakke was chosen as a contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT and his episode airs Tuesday, March 13th, 11:00 AM ET; 10:00 AM CT; 10:00 AM PT on CBS.

In February, while on a nation-wide screening tour with his documentary, “Beware of Christians,” Bakke and his friends Alex and Kelsey Carroll, stopped by the show’s Los Angeles taping on a whim.  Bakke’s unique personality struck a chord with the producers, as his name was one of the nine chosen from an audience of three hundred.

“The show is going to be hilarious. We freak out on national television. This tour keeps getting crazier,” Bakke said.

Due to legal reasons, Bakke had to go by his given name, “Wilbur” throughout the duration of the show, adding to the overall hilarity of the experience.  During his airtime, Bakke was able to mention that he is a filmmaker in Austin, he went to Baylor, and he loves Jesus.

The “Beware of Christians” tour is underway with dates scheduled in Tulsa, Nashville, Charleston, Orlando, and many more.  The filmmakers have over 50 appearances scheduled from now until May.  See more dates and video reactions to the movie from all over the country at

Tune in to CBS on Tuesday, March 13th to see how Bakke fares on The Price is Right.

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