Canyon Star TV Announces Opening of First Round of Institutional Funding to Bring Family-Friendly Content to Advertising Video on Demand Streaming

Canyon Star TV Announces Opening of First Round of Institutional Funding to Bring Family-Friendly Content to the Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) Streaming Industry

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – On January 8th, 2023, Canyon Star TV officially announced the launch of its first round of institutional funding with a target close date of May 2024 after raising $800K from friends and family, and a successful year of organically acquiring content and users. Canyon Star plans to raise $2 million for its seed round of capital from strategic investors interested in shaping the future of the family-friendly streaming industry.

Over the past year, founder Joey Canyon, and co-founder, Kelly Kantz, focused on creating a business strategy that focuses on creating a platform that users of all ages can love and safely stream on their devices with no concerns about inappropriate content. At the same time, the revamped business strategy targets over $150 million in annual revenue by 2028, by combining original content creation, deals with advertisers and sponsors, ad-free subscriptions, and a shopping channel currently under development.

  • Canyon Star TV acquired over 900 family-friendly titles at no cost through deep relationships in the media and entertainment industry.
  • Canyon Star announced its first round of institutional capital, one year after launching its AVOD streaming platform in January 2023 and organically capturing more than 18,485 viewers.
  • Upon securing funding, Canyon Star plans to begin the production of five original titles, sign at least three content licensing contracts, and onboard 20K new viewers through marketing strategies during 2024.

“We have created a network that is for everyone. I am proud of the programming and welcome the opportunity to see it reach its full potential with the help of more investors that believe in our family-friendly programming and the joy of shows that make you happy and entertained,” highlights president and co-founder Kelly Kantz, an executive with over 30 years in the media and entertainment industry.

Joey Canyon, founder and CEO, shares his vision for this capital raising initiative and its impact on the future of Canyon Star TV, “I believe that there are strategic investors out there that still believe in the morals and standards that Canyon Star TV lives by. Investors that understand our vision and would like to join us and make a significant contribution in keeping Canyon Star TV a safe haven for families everywhere.”


In addition to its co-founders, the Canyon Star TV team includes industry veteran Carolyn Crawford as Senior Media Advisor and serial entrepreneur, author, and humanitarian Terri Schmidt as Senior VP of Canyon Star Shopping.

Funds for the $2 million round of seed capital will be used to accelerate growth to produce five original titles in 2024, marketing, improve the user interface, and license quality, wholesome, family-friendly programming.

About Canyon Star Television Network:
Canyon Star TV (CSTV) is a family-friendly television network led by Joey Canyon and Kelly Kantz. CSTV officially launched globally in early 2023 and offers the world wholesome family programming that celebrates traditional country and Americana music as well as a full spectrum of entertainment with unique and original content. Subscribers can use any streaming device to access a broad range of exclusive programming anytime, anywhere, including everything from popular movies and classic TV shows to shopping, travel, sports, lifestyle, food, and history programs to live performances by some of the best country music artists around. Canyon, Kantz, and the extended CSTV team bring together their love for all aspects of the entertainment industry while providing viewers with new, exciting, and enriching content for the whole family.

“It is exciting to have a new outlet that is featuring our music and stories. Canyon Star TV is a platform that is growing fast and I hope you will check it out.” – William Lee Golden / The Oak Ridge Boys & The Goldens

“Canyon Star is the perfect home for the Country Star vibe. Me and all the Fabulous Superlatives feel right at home here.” – Marty Stuart 

“Canyon Star TV is here, everyone! They are offering some of the best, family-friendly tv shows, movies, and more! And they love country music!” – T. Graham Brown

“I’m very excited to hear the news about the launch of Canyon Star TV. I have been waiting for something like this for years to come along that would help fill the void that The Nashville Network left behind. Congratulations to Canyon Star TV for stepping up to the plate and offering additional exposure to the greatest music ever. COUNTRY MUSIC!” – T.G. Sheppard

“Canyon Star TV is a great platform to get all of your entertainment from television shows, movies, and music videos. Be sure to check it out!” – Johnny Lee

“Canyon Star presents cupfuls of robust and wholesome entertainment just perfect for a sit back and drink it up kinda day! I am proud to be a part of it!” – Donna Drake / The Donna Drake Show

“With Canyon Star TV, Joey Canyon has brought back the family-friendly country music and lifestyle-oriented programming that country music fans have been pining for since the TNN days of yesteryear. Country music videos, movies, TV, and specialty shows for the entire family. It doesn’t get much better than that.” – Ritch Cassidy, RC’s Social Saloon

“Today’s Nashville is excited to be a part of Canyon Star Network and what it brings to viewers around the world – wholesome, entertaining, and family-oriented programming. It’s going to be life-changing!”  – Terry Squires, Host of Today’s Nashville

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