Robert Craig Films Donates 50% of Profits to Homeless NGO’s

Christian Movie Company Donates 50% of Profits to Homeless NGO’s

Robert Craig Films is producing a celebrity studded movie and documentary on homelessness and will be giving donations to churches and nonprofit organizations that participate

PHOTO BY ROBERT CRAIG FILMS: Partial cast of No Address The Movie from left to right – Beverly D’Angelo, Ashanti, Xander Berkeley, Lucas Jade Zumann and Isabella Ferreira

Sacramento, California – (May 16th, 2023): Robert Craig Films announces today they will give one million dollars plus 50% of net proceeds of their movie No Address, their documentary Americans With No Address, a novelization of the screenplay No Address, an educational curriculum and a music album, coined The Big 5, to NGO’s across the country.

“The Big 5 GIVEBACK” is a philanthropic initiative and will be shared with nonprofits in the homeless space towards the end of the year. This is geared towards creating more awareness to the homeless crisis in America, a call-to-action and to help bring back the humanity to those that are unhoused.

The full-length feature film No Address, a dramatic movie with celebrity cast members including Billy Baldwin, Xander Berkeley, Beverly D’Angelo, Ashanti, Lucas Jade Zumann, Isabella Ferreira, Patricia Velasquez and Ty Pennington. The movie is about a group of people that fall into homelessness and realize they must bond together as a family if they are going to survive the streets.

Producer Robert Craig has a deep faith in Christ and has learned through producing The Big 5 that homelessness can happen to anyone.

“I believe that God’s word has commissioned everyone to help the poor in whatever capacity we are able,” comments Craig. “In the journey of producing the movie and documentary on homelessness, it’s so sad, but I’ve learned that having no address can happen to anyone.”

Jennifer Stolo, CEO of Robert Craig Films, recently joined the team due to her extensive experience supporting the nonprofit community as the former CEO of Make-A-Wish for 10 years for the Central/Northern California and Nevada chapters, as well as helping at numerous nonprofits in the homeless space. Her passion for helping those in need and her expertise in the industry make her an invaluable addition to the team.

“Hearing the heartbreaking stories of how everyday people can fall into homelessness stirs my heart with empathy,” replied Jennifer. “I’m thrilled to leverage my background to help nonprofits partner with Robert Craig Films through entertainment and educational platforms we are developing, so together we can effect change for those experiencing homelessness.”

The company wants to partner with local and national charitable organizations and churches that are helping those experiencing homelessness and bring solid solutions for reducing the growing epidemic.

Nonprofits are encouraged to partner with Robert Craig Films and promote The Big 5 through their newsletters, websites, and social media to create further awareness together. This will help bring larger audiences to theaters and create significantly more impact.

The film is directed by Hollywood veteran Julia Verdin of Rough Diamond Productions. Other key players are Dr. Robert G. Marbut Jr., who serves as an executive producer, and Producers Robert Craig, Sally Forcier, Julia Verdin, Angela Lujan and Jennifer Stolo.

To apply for donations and learn more about The Big Five, whether you are a church or Non-Government Organization, visit

About Robert Craig Films
Robert Craig Films is a film company located in Placer County, California, with a mission to develop, create and produce high-quality, entertaining movies that inspire the audience to engage with greater empathy, compassion, and generosity in the communities they live in. Visit for more information.

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