“Dead Man Running,” Todd “OC” Shoemaker’s Inspirational Story of Physical Healing and Miracles, Set For Film Release

Dead Man Running, Todd “OC” Shoemaker’s Inspirational Story of Physical Healing and Miracles, Set For Film Release 

Feature Documentary Celebrates Overcomer Who Defies Medical Odds And Lives to Run Marathons

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WEST PALM BEACH, FLA—October 13, 2021—​​Dead Man Running is the inspiring story of Todd “OC” Shoemaker who received a miracle from God that defied medical odds and saved his life. Having already been diagnosed with Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, when Todd learned he had the autoimmune disorder Myasthenia Gravis in 2009 his future looked grave, and doctors believed he had just weeks to live. But Todd never lost hope that God had a plan for his life, and in what some thought would be his ‘final days’ he had an experience that can only be explained as supernatural.

Concurrent with his healing Todd heard a word from God to ‘run’. Having not been physically able to do so for the past ten years, this may have been a surprise to his friends and physicians. But Todd always believed he would indeed run again and had a new pair of running shoes in the closet to prove it! So, as a faithful listener to God’s leading in his life Todd laced up his shoes and ran 1-mile that first day – and has run more and more nearly every day since. In 2020 Todd ran over 1,000 miles and shows no signs of stopping, today you’ll still find Todd praying and sharing the Gospel with those he encounters on his daily runs.

Like Todd, Dead Man Running is full of surprises and stories from wonderful friends and family who witnessed these miracles. The film celebrates a faithful servant who by God’s grace has overcome death, and now spends his days sharing about his God’s healing and the good news of the Gospel with everyone he meets.

The feature documentary film, directed by Landon Popadic and executive produced by John Clancy, Tim Popadic, Sean P. Kelley, John Li and John Borawski, will be available to stream for free on November 17. Viewers can sign up in advance to be notified when the film goes live at www.deadmanrunningmovie.com

“We are thrilled to present this film on a platform that everyone can experience for free,” says the film’s subject Todd Shoemaker. “This is truly God’s story and I can’t wait for the opportunity to bless everyone who watches the film with this crazy beautiful journey.”

For more information about Todd Shoemaker and Dead Man Running visit www.deadmanrunningmovie.com

To schedule an interview with Todd Shoemaker, please contact Molly Fox at Docs/ology Films (molly@docsologyfilms.com)

About Todd Shoemaker:

Todd “OC” Shoemaker, is a native of Palm Beach County, FL. A true Floridian. For 17 years, Todd spent most days fighting for his life. He had been diagnosed with multiple life threatening health issues. One more than one occasion, Todd’s medical team shared he only had hours to live. But Todd kept believing and praying Jesus was going to heal him. His community of family and friends kept praying and believing. On November 3, 2019, with only weeks to live Todd and his wife Laura walked into a tent for a night of worship and prayer. After almost 18 years of battling for his life, Todd experienced a beautiful creative miracle. A miracle 17 years in the making. Today, Todd is praying for patients and healthcare workers outside of the local hospitals in Palm Beach County, Florida. Todd and Laura have been married for 22 years and reside in Jupiter, Florida.

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