SMALL GROUP Film Uncovers Real Christian Community


Premieres Oct. 6 – A Faith Film for Those
Who Like Faith Films . . . and Those Who Don’t!
ATLANTA, GA – August 4, 2020 – Laugh-out-loud funny and then surprisingly on point, SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE takes an honest, timely look at Christian community today with the story of a skeptical filmmaker who infiltrates a small group to discover the truth . . . and finds more than he bargained for.
“ SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE defies the expectations many have for faith films,” said writer and director Matt Chastain, who also stars. ““I got the idea from my own experience in a small group. The less formal, more real and raw nature of small group culture just lends itself to more genuine storytelling that tends to be a bit of a surprise and a huge relief to viewers who are a bit skeptical of the genre.”
SMALL GROUP THE MOIVE premieres Oct. 6:
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Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper moves his family from Los Angeles to Athens, Georgia, after being hired to make a film about the dwindling influence of Christianity in America. Upon arrival, he learns that his producer, Ballard, intends to make a cheap hit piece rather than an objective documentary. Scott turns the job down to protect his journalistic integrity, but financial difficulties force him to negotiate with Ballard, who deceives Scott into believing that he will, in fact, tell an honest story.
To dive deeper than a public worship service will allow, Scott and his wife, Mary, infiltrate a small group at a local church, finding a group of imperfect people doing their best to live for Christ. As the Coopers’ relationship with their group grows, Ballard isn’t pleased with the direction of the documentary and exposes their infiltration, leaving viewers to see how the small group will react to such an intense betrayal.
“This is such a film for today’s circumstances,” Chastain said. “When so many in church have been separated, SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE brings us all together!”
SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE stars Sterling Hurst (DARK HARBOR, BIGGER) Emily Dunlop ( Doom Patrol ), Matt Chastain (SMALL GROUP), Caleb Hoffman (ELECTRIC JESUS, POP-POP IS DEAD) and Robert Riechel ( Stumptown , This Is Us ).
From Limesoda Films, SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE is produced by Christos Hines and Dale Wheatley. It is distributed by Ocean Avenue Entertainment.

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