THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS Coming to Theaters This Easter

THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS Coming to Theaters This Easter
New CGI Animated Version of the Beloved Story to be Translated into Dozens of Languages to Support Missions Worldwide
Tickets Available for Easter Screenings
McKinney, TX –  In recent years, faith-based films have proven to be the most effective tool for sharing the essential truths of Christianity worldwide. Classic stories that stand the test of time have the unique power to break down barriers of age, race, nationality, and language.  Revelation Media and Cat in the Mill Studios understands this fact, and are preparing to bring the most popular Christian novel of all time – THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS – to U.S. theaters Easter 2019. The film will be shown April 18 and April 20, distributed through Fathom Events.
The first novel ever written in English, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS has never been out of print and has sold more copies than any Christian book, next to the Bible. Written in 1678 by John Bunyan while in prison for holding religious services, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is often cited as the greatest allegory ever written.
The 2019 film will be the story’s feature-length theatrical debut, as well as the first CGI animated telling of the timeless tale. Media-driven families can be assured that this centuries-old story can still connect with viewers of all ages.
“More than any other story (outside the Bible), THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS has been used to inspire and challenge Christians to set their eyes on God,” explains Executive Producer Steve Cleary. “It has been translated into 200 languages and is known around the world. We are thrilled to offer this tale to a new generation through CGI animation, and are confident that the timeless themes of faith – such as hope, persecution, persistence, doubt, hardships – will resonate in a whole new way.”
Revelation Media is unique in its commitment to creating projects that can first and foremost serve as an asset to missionaries around the globe. Several early scenes from the project were paid for specifically through the film’s Kickstarter campaign, where over 1600 backers gave nearly $150,000 for the completion of the project. This crowdfunding, as well as the support of generous ministry partners including American Family Association, allows Revelation Media to fund the distribution of the film to those working on the mission field.
The Revelation Media team has already targeted the first 20 languages for the film to be re-cut with voices from native speakers. This opens the door for the film to impact restricted nations where the preaching of the Gospel is prohibited and Christians often find persecution. These translations of the film will be donated to missionaries and pastors at no cost and will find a potential audience of over 3 billion people.
After the English-language version of the film is complete, the next target is for the film to be aired on the second largest TV network in Iran. Paralleling the US theatrical events on Easter weekend, over 6 million Iranian citizens will experience THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS in their native Farsi.
The team has also already begun the film’s translation into Mandarin and Spanish. Ultimately, the vision is for THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS film to be available to viewers speaking over 100 different languages.
Cleary continues, “I have had the honor to visit with persecuted Christians in nearly 40 nations. In each of these countries, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS was known and was an inspiration to Believers. I personally connect with this story on many levels. It is an honor to be producing the first version of this classic masterpiece in CGI animation, and to share its truths in theaters in the USA and around the world.”
THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS will be in theaters around the country on April 18 at 7:00pm and April 20 at 12:55pm.   Tickets for THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS are already for sale through Fathom Events or at

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  1. I live in a small community where the movie isn’t scheduled to play in theater. How many interested people would be needed in order for the movie to be shown in our church (we have an in house basketball auditorium which we could provide)?

    1. Hi Dave! I’m sorry, but we only shared the press release from their publicity department and have absolutely nothing to do with the production itself (and don’t know anyone attached to it). I suggest maybe checking out their website and trying to contact someone through there?

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