8 Film Facts from the “Thor: Ragnarok” Commentary Track with Taika Waititi

In support of today’s Blu-ray & 4K release of Thor: Ragnarok, we have a special clip from the commentary track discussing the unique strobe light technology behind the Hela vs Valkyrie flashback sequence, along with a variety of additional fun film facts from Taika himself!

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Unique Lighting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jvx8tTtLWs

8 Film Facts from the Thor: Ragnarok Commentary Track with Taika Waititi

  1. The character of Surtur was voiced by Clancy Brown and motion-captured by Taika Waititi.
  2. The Doctor Strange sequence was filmed in London during the Doctor Strange production, 8-9 months prior to principle photography on Thor: Ragnarok.
  3. The synth music was a big part of the world of Sakaar. Mark Mothersbaugh developed the score and pulled together a variety of analog synth music and original pieces from Robert Moog and blended them with Asgardian instrumentals to create a new score.
  4. Taika Waititi designed Valkyrie’s wrist tattoo.
  5. The 3-headed gladiator on Sakaar had his far-left head modeled after Taika Waititi.
  6. The unique lighting design of the battle between Hela and the Valkyries has never been used in a major film before. The sequence was designed by Stu Rutherford, who starred in Waititi’s “What We Do in the Shadows,” and Carlo Van de Roer. The “bullet time” effect of the long shadows is created by a series of strobe lights that surround the actors during the scene while it is shot in slow motion.
  7. Mark Ruffalo wears the classic Patrick Nagel album cover for Duran Duran’s “Rio” when he puts on Tony Stark’s clothes.
  8. The original Norse myth of Ragnarok includes Surtur as taking part in the destruction of Asgard.


Learn more about the making of Thor: Ragnarok from director Taika Waititi on the film commentary track, now available on Digital HD and arriving on Blu-ray and 4K March 6th

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