Modern-Day Joseph Story ‘Seasons of Gray’ Available on DVD Jan. 28

Modern-Day Joseph Story ‘Seasons of Gray’
Available on DVD Jan. 28

EchoLight Studios and Watermark Community Church

 Create Powerful Presentation of Betrayal and Forgiveness

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FLOWER MOUND, Texas, Jan. 7, 2014 – EchoLight Studios and Watermark Community Church in Dallas have joined together to produce and distribute the movie “Seasons of Gray: A Modern Day Joseph Story,” which will be released on DVD Jan. 28. The film portrays the biblical tale of Joseph in a relevant and contemporary way – from betrayal to forgiveness.


“We know that one of the most powerful ways to engage people is through stories, just as Jesus did throughout the New Testament,” said Todd Wagner, the Senior Pastor of Watermark Community Church. “The story of Joseph is one of isolation and redemption, it’s an inspiring tale that proves that through the good and bad times in your life, God is with you – it’s a story we knew we could tell well.”


The compelling story of Brady Gray (played by Andrew Cheney), the favored son of a two-time widower, begins on location at a Texas ranch. After Brady’s father lavishes him with accolades and gifts, his half-brothers, fed up with his privileged position, force him off the family ranch with a stern warning to never return.


What lies ahead is a roller coaster of ups and downs as Brady goes from restoring his life in a new town, obtaining a job and developing a love interest, to being wrongly accused of sexual assault and thrown in jail. Throughout the story, despite questioning his life’s purpose and plan, Brady remains devoted to his faith and learns the true meaning of forgiveness.


“There is a demand for high-quality, biblical-based films and we’re excited to team with Watermark Church to provide just that,” said EchoLight Studio’s CEO Rick Santorum. “For years, Hollywood and the entertainment industry has turned a blind eye to the faith-based movie business, but that is changing; reviewers are praising the strong performances and high production level of ‘Seasons of Gray.'”


The Dallas Morning News wrote, “Seasons of Gray manages to sidestep the problems that hamper most faith-based films: poor production values, amateurish acting and heavy-handed writing…regardless of the moviegoer’s faith, it’s hard not to be moved by the inevitable ending of reconciliation and redemption.”


“In many ways the story of Joseph is a picture of the story of Jesus,” said Chris Mano, the Director of Photography, who also served as a producer and editor on the film. “We want to be able to approach people and say ‘Here’s this tool; use it to impact lives of individuals and families,’ ‘Seasons of Gray’ has the potential to do just that. It’s a film that Christians can feel comfortable sharing with non-believers because ultimately it’s a story of hope.”


Directed by Paul Stehlik, former Watermark staff member, and written by his wife, Sarah, now missionaries in Africa, “Seasons of Gray” is the culmination of a nearly decade-old dream of the Stehlik’s to share biblical stories through the medium of film. “Seasons of Gray” was filmed in Dallas, Texas, using a professional crew and principal cast.


The creators of “Seasons of Gray” were passionate about making the film available to all audiences. The film will be available on DVD Jan. 28 at Wal-Mart Stores and on Amazon as well as numerous Christian retailers. EchoLight will also offer licensing agreements to groups interested in showing “Seasons of Gray” at their church, large group gatherings or events. Additionally, for only the cost of a movie ticket, any individual can choose to host a showing of the film at their local theater. Additional information as well as a downloadable online trailer, movie posters, web banners and discussions guides are available at


Reviewers have praised the strong performances and high production values in “Seasons of Gray” calling the film “riveting,” “engaging,” and “a powerful presentation.” For more information on the film and to view a trailer, please visit


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