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“Four Keys” Nationwide Church Initiative to be Launched in Conjunction with Film Release

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Nashville, Tenn. (July 31, 2013) Inspired by the real-life experiences of successful entrepreneur/NASA spacecraft scientist, Harold L. Finch, the forthcoming movie, Unlimited, is set to premiere in select theaters on October 11, 2013.  The film will continue to roll out nationwide throughout spring 2014. Through the inspirational message and stories of life and success, viewers will embark on a life-changing journey as they discover the secrets of reaching one’s greatest potential.

“This movie is about the unlimited potential that I believe everybody has — and that almost everyone misses out on,” said Harold Finch, who has spent much of his life encouraging others.

Starring Daniel Ross Owens as Simon and Robert Amaya as Pedro, (Courageous and October Baby) alongside of actor and former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson as Harold L. Finch (Law and Order and The Hunt for Red October), the movie was created as a fictional story and filmed on location in El Paso, Texas. Unlimited is produced by Chad Gundersen (Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Like Dandelion Dust and A Christmas Snow).

“I can’t wait for audiences to see Unlimited,” says Amaya. “This action-packed film really taps into our full potential in Jesus Christ.”

Written by best-selling and Christy Award-winning author Davis Bunn and directed by Nathan Frankowski, who also directed the 2008 documentary Expelled with Ben Stein, the storyline unfolds as Simon Orwell’s life takes a series of unexpected turns. He finds himself on a journey helping an old professor build a device that creates unlimited energy. But, when the professor is murdered by a drug cartel, Orwell goes into hiding and finds refuge in a Mexican orphanage. There, he meets Finch, a former NASA scientist and his life begins to change. With Finch’s help, Simon sets out on a journey to find out who killed the professor and the reason behind their motives. In the process, he discovers the truth about the world-changing device, along with uncovering the power that will allow him to reach his own unlimited potential.


Unlimited is going to be amazing,” said Loren Cunningham, Founder, Youth With A Mission. “Jesus said that we are to preach the Gospel to every creature, but we’re also told to disciple nations. Harold Finch has always done both, and the movie takes that to a whole new level.”


In conjunction with the theatrical release, there will be a church initiative launched called “Four Keys.”  This unique campaign will establish partnerships with key churches in 50 cities to be equipped to share the message of unlocking one’s greatest potential.


An extension of a seminar Finch has presented in more than 750 venues around the globe, “The Four Keys To Open The Door To Great Success,” the church campaign will allow pastors to reserve movie tickets in advance to local theaters via Seatzy.com and to host a “Four Keys” event in their own church.


Many will host one or several select shows in theaters and follow up with small group “Four Keys” studies in their own churches, as modeled by many successful film releases in recent years.


“For the past fifteen years, Harold’s seminars have been presented without cost to people of influence in 21 countries,” said Tom Elliff, president, International Mission Board. “More than 55,000 professionals, future leaders and university students have indicated that it was through this seminar that God brought them to a life-changing faith in Christ.  And over 100 churches have subsequently been planted.”


Influential Christian organizations including Broadman and Holman, NeedHim?, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Provident Films and many others are backing the film release and the “Four Keys” campaign with key marketing initiatives.


The film is currently supported by a diverse marketing campaign which includes comprehensive social media and promotional efforts that will reach into the faith & family market, impacting both English speaking and Hispanic audiences. Canzion Films is working in conjunction with the film’s creators to release a Spanish language version in select theaters.  An aggressive national advertising campaign will support the release as well as nationwide screenings and partnerships with key Christian ministries and organizations.


Finch, who also serves as executive producer for Unlimited, is a former scientist who played a key role as a project director for NASA’s Apollo spacecraft program. Among his list of accomplishments, Finch pioneered the thermodynamic computer systems needed to protect astronauts and lunar vehicles against heating and cooling hazards on outer space voyages. Additionally, his team developed the Barbecue Roll made famous by Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. As an educator, Finch was also instrumental in founding Johnson County Community College in record time—one year. As an entrepreneur, he founded two separate and distinct INC 500 businesses. One, Padgett-Thompson, provided corporate training, and in just over five years Finch and his teaching specialists trained almost one million business professionals. This past year, he was awarded the University of Kansas School of Engineering’s highest honor – the 2013 Distinguished Service Award and was entered into the Hall of Honor.

Unlimited will be released through a new movie ticket reservation platform and film distribution company called Seatzy™ (seatzy.com/unlimited).  Seatzy allows moviegoers to participate in the process of supporting the films they love by getting ticket reservations in early and assuring the film will play in the theater closest to them.

For the latest news and updates about Unlimited, visit unlimitedthemovie.com.


Seatzy: www.seatzy.com/main/moviedetail/unlimited

Website: http://unlimitedthemovie.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/UnlimitedMovie

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