10 TX Churches Burned: ‘Little Hope Was Arson,’ Acclaimed True-Crime Documentary




“It’s America unvarnished . . . ” — New York Times

little hope was arson

WHAT: LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON is a bold documentary raising new questions about the 10 church fires that swept East Texas in 2010, when the blazes sparked the largest manhunt in the region’s history. Through interviews with investigators, church communities and the two young arsonists, LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON asks, “What makes a church more than a building?

The Village Voice calls LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON “mesmerizing.” “Intriguing,” says the The Hollywood Reporter. “A riveting true story,” saysThe Playlist.

WHO: Theo Love directed LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON, produced by Trenton Waterson of the Collaborate and Theo Love of Goodnight Smoke. LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON is executive produced by Bryan Storkel.

WHEN: Premieres on demand and at New York City’s Cinema Village Nov. 21.
In select markets nationwide in November, December and January.
For a list of dates and theaters, visit: LittleHopeWasArson.com

SYNOPSIS: January 2010: In the buckle of the Bible Belt, in just over a month, 10 churches burn to the ground, igniting the largest criminal investigation in East Texas history. No stone is left unturned, even Satan is considered a suspect in this gripping investigation of a community terrorized from the inside out. In this incredible and true story, families are torn apart and communities of faith must struggle with forgiveness and justice.


  • PROVOCATIVE QUESTIONS—As the crime behind LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON was solved, the real mystery began. What drove two young men? How did their crimes affect their families and the churches? When a church loses its building . . . can it stand? Throughout a gripping true-crime drama, LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON weaves thought-provoking questions and surprising answers.
  • BLAZES RAISE QUESTIONS FOR AMERICAN CHRISTIANS RAISED ABROAD—Theo Love, a missionary kid, grew up abroad, often worshipping in churches minus structures. Returned to the States as a young adult, news of the East Texas church fires gripped him. In America, wasn’t a church more than a building? In LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON a first-time filmmaker dares to dig deep to answer hard questions.

Learn More at LittleHopeWasArson.com
Visit Little Hope on Facebook at facebook.com/LittleHopeWasArson
And on Twitter at twitter.com/LittleHopeFilm

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