Director Shawn Levy “Real Steel” Interview


SOURCE: Click Comm. SHAWN LEVY (Director/Producer) is one of the most commercially successful film directors of the past decade. To date, his films have grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide. His youthfully enthusiastic approach to filmmaking is evident in the storylines and characters he creates and reflects his joyful intensity for each project at hand. In 2010, … Continue reading

Interview: Hugh Jackman Talks “Real Steel”


SOURCE: Click Comm. HUGH JACKMAN (Charlie Kenton) is a native of Australia. He made his first major U.S. film appearance as Wolverine in the first installment of the “X-Men” franchise, a role he reprised in the enormously successful “X2” and “X-Men: The Last Stand” in 2006. In the fall of 2009, Jackman made a return … Continue reading


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